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Cumberland Valley Tractor Pullers 2017 Click for Info.

ANTIQUE AND FARM STOCK TRACTOR PULL SUNDAY MAY 7TH, 2017@10:00 AM. Click on picture for Info.


Class Internet Reps. For Interstate Classes - 2016

8500 Mod. Turbo Class. Kendra Barnhart:301-302-4201E-mail:

7700 Lt. Limited Turbo Class. Jason Weikel: 717-729-5115.  Email:

10000 Pro Farm Tractors: Kendra Barnhart:301-302-4201E-mail:

6000 Classic Mod. Tractors. Mary Ann Head. 304-886-7225 E-mail: or Mike Head 301-992-3456.

1850 Minis. Barb Seylar. Phone number 717-264-5917 E-mail:

7800 Open. Fran Stouffer. Phone: 717-765-4942 E-mail: 

6200 4x4 Trucks. Vicki Surface: 540-303-3334 E-mail: or Rick Surface 540-303-3336

6500 4x4 Trucks. Bethany Conroy: Home phone is: 540-743-3335. Cell Phone: 540-974-1112. E-mail: 

6300 Modified 4x4 Trucks. Home phone is 304-885-8008 Fax results to Dave Bush @ 304-725-5113 or e-mail to 

4500 Modified Small Blk. 4x4 Trucks: Lisa Stoner:  717-729-0287 or E-Mail to

2.6 Diesel Trucks - There are 2 Class Reps, Chad Lemaster (304-582-2540) E-mail: and Buster Adams (301-639-9004) for the 2.6 Diesel class. Any questions should be directed to them about the class.  

8200 Limited Super Stock Tractors:  Destinee Olden Palmer. Phone 301-491-7740  Email :

Hot Semis: Buster Adams 301-639-9004. Email:

11000 Hot Farm Tractors: Kitty Beidel. Phone 727-729-9572