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Cumberland Valley 2019 Schedule



  1. Tractor maximum length must not exceed 135 inches from center of rear axle to furthest point forward of weights or weight bracket; whichever is further forward.
  2. Tractors must use stock style sheet metal but may be of different manufacturer. Radiator, if used, must be mounted behind grille and in front of engine. Engine pulley driven mechanical radiator fans are not allowed.
  3. Tractors must have wide front axles. Front tires must track within rear tires wheel width. Overall wheel base not to exceed 115 inches wide.
  4. Frame rails can be remade wider for engine clearance, but not to exceed 30 inches outside width.
  5. Engines to be automotive cast iron type, maximum cubic inch limit is 473 cu. in. with one four barrel carburator, 4 venturi carburator. No aluminum blocks or heads allowed. Automotive diesel engines are allowed and must conform to the following: Must have a mechanical injection pump; One turbo allowed - T04 or equivalent. Turbo inlet on diesel engine limited to 2.3. All air is to be pulled thru inlet-No rings are allowed.
  6. Fuel to be gasoline only - No alcohol allowed. diesel fuel only for diesel engines.
  7. Engines to be connected directly to tractor's transmission. No transmission, automatic or manual, can be used to connect the engine to the tractor transmission.
  8. Automotive single or dual disc clutches only. No slipper clutches allowed.
  9. Steel blow-proof bellhousing or six strap blanket shield is required-no three strap blankets allowed. Block saver plate is also reuqired.
  10. Any exposed u-joints must be shielded 360 degrees with 5/16 steel or 3/8 aluminum wide enough to cover both ends of the yoke assembly.
  11. Tire size to be maximum of 18.4-38 and both tires must have matching tread design. No exceptions.
  12. Wheelie bars mandatory - specifications are:
    • Pads on bottom of bars to be a minimum of 5" on any side and be no more than 10 inches above the ground when the tractor is weighted to pull.
    • Rear of wheelie bar pads to be a minimum of 32 inches rearward from the center of the rear axle.
    • Outside to outside length of pads to be a minimum of 20"
    • Minimum 12" high bumper bars - The top to be fastened to wheelie bar framing.
    • Bars must support weight of tractor (6000 lbs).
  13. Front skid plates mandatory. Example below.
  14. Exhaust must discharge vertically.
  15. Tractors must have deadman throttle with automatic idle return. Throttle must work in a forward/reverse motion with idle being in backward position. Must have dual return springs indepentent of each other.
  16. Tractors must have ignition kill switch mounted on rear and center of tractor 40" off ground. Diesel engines must have fuel and air shutoff mounted 40 inches off ground.
  17. Tractor must have working rear wheel brakes.
  18. Tractor must have rear fenders strong enough to support weight of driver and be higher than tallest point of tires. Rear fenders to extend 6 inches horizontal minimum. 
  19. Hitches to be solid in all directions, point of hook to be no less than 18" from center of rear axle. HITCH HOLE TO BE  3.75 x 3.0in. Hitch to be maximum of 20" above and parallel to ground. Hitch must be anchored to the tractor frame with a 5/8" or larger pin. Hitch must be horizontal-not vertical. Steel tie plates are required between rear hitch framework and front steel framework or sufficient strength to prevent cast transmission/differential housing separation.
  20. Harmonic damper must be SFI or equivalent or be perimeter shielded 360 degrees with 1/8" thick steel or 3/8" aluminum plate.
  21. All drivers must wear a fire suit and helmet with face shield or safety glasses while pulling.
  22. Driver must be at least 16 years of age. A qualified driver must be in the operators seat anytime the engine is running.
  23. Vehicle must have a rollover protection bar or cage that is at least as high as the top of the drivers head/helmet. Rollover protection must be fastened to at least two points of the rear axle housing. Factory style flip down tops allowed. Additionally the rollover protection must be able to lift one rear wheel when pulled horizontally from the top of the bar/cage without damage or deflectionto the rollbar/cage or their support structure.
  24. Rear steel hubs to axle are highly recommended. Any new tractor being built must have steel hubs.
  25. Fire extinguisher is required to be mounted on the tractor and be placed in a location accessible to the operator while seated.

 For Copy of Skid Bar set up: Click Here